Top Small Things That Will Make You More Likeable



Being likeable can get you far in life. This can make you a more attractive partner for members of the opposite sex, it can make you someone people want to work with and it can help you to get on better with friends and relatives. But of course it’s not easy. Tapping into what it is that makes a person likeable requires a bit of practice or it risks coming across as manipulative.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the top small changes you can make that will make you instantly more likeable.


Smiling goes a surprisingly huge way to making us more liked and there’s a few reasons for that. Firstly, If you smile in someone else’s company, then that suggests that you like their company and in turn, that is obviously a nice way to feel.

At the same time, smiling actually makes other people smile. And when other people smile, this causes something called ‘facial feedback’ – a phenomenon wherein pulling a certain face will actually make you feel more than way.

If people feel good whenever they’re around you because being around you leads to smiling, then they’ll associate being near you with being happy – and that of course will only make you more likeable!

Be Polite

Did your Mum ever tell you that manners cost nothing? Well it’s true but they’re also highly valuable and having good manners can go a huge way to making people feel respected by you and to showing that you are grateful for whatever they have done for you. Saying please and thank you, holding the door open for people, offering around tea… all these things make you seem more considerate and they make other people feel good!

Pay Compliments

Paying compliments is an easy way to be more likeable. The key though is not to do this too often and to only choose things that are genuinely true. Look for things people do genuinely really well or that you are impressed with and call attention to them. This will build those people up and it will also make you appear more confident – because if you are giving out compliments it suggests you don’t feel threatened and it suggests that you have knowledge that enables you to make said compliment.

Remember Names

Just like good manners, remembering people’s names makes them feel more important and better respected. This can be hard to do at first but the trick is to find a mnemonic technique that works for you. Perhaps that means associating them with a fictional character or a celebrity, or maybe it means remembering something about their face and tying that into their name. Whatever works, just making the effort can go a long way.

Being Positive

Finally, make sure to always stay positive wherever possible. People who moan or draw attention to negative things make other people feel worse about situations. Positive people help everyone to enjoy themselves and to feel good no matter the circumstances.

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