The Most Effective Way To Conduct A Successful Mental Detox






The fastest and most effective way to do mental detox is almost always 180 degrees different from what people assume. Most people assume that mental detox is really all about supplementation. They think that you just need to mix some sort of special juice and the biochemistry of your blood will be transformed. In fact, it will be transformed in such a way that you essentially become a new person.

The problem with this kind of conception is that it equates physical change with mental change. Let me tell you, if you take a wide range of pharmaceutical products that change your blood chemistry, you can still feel anxious. That's right, regardless of how many pills and capsules you take, you can still feel depressed.

What gives? Well, it turns out that what makes up a human being is not just the sum of that person's parts. It's definitely not just the physical body. There's something else going on. I'm talking about the spiritual, the emotional, and the mental, all of these are equally valid. All of these have a role to play. They definitely have an impact on how you see the world and how you act in the world.


They're not just part of you that gives you a distinct personality. They actually work within you to process your reality so that you think and talk and behave a certain way. Believe me, the world doesn't care about your feelings. It couldn't care less about your intentions and motivations. What it does pay attention to is what you choose to do with your time.

In other words, it pays attention to your behavior. When you conduct a mental detox, you let go of old mindsets that hold you back and drag you down. You let go of old thinking that makes you small, weak, powerless, angry, unforgiving, and ultimately chained down.

You have to understand that you have so much power available to you precisely because you are able to choose. Sadly, too many of us turned our backs on this power. We think that we are life's victim. We think we are constantly being crushed by the wheels of life. Little do we know that by changing our mental choices, and letting go of a lot of the mental toxins and spiritual pollution in our lives, we can finally achieve a state of clarity and wakefulness.

This is the gateway to a life of power, purpose, and meaning. In other words, it leads to the life that is 180 degrees opposite of the kind of life you have right now. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, it doesn't matter how upset you are. It doesn't matter how bitter your past may appear to you. You can turn your back on that. You can choose to be a new creature. All it takes is one choice.

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