Vegan Smoothie, Don't Make Another Smoothie Until You Read This..



I really hope you are all doing well in this very strange time we are living in. Today I wanted to write to you to talk about protein intake as a vegan. Because protein is one of the biggest concerns that many people have when eating a vegan diet. Why do we make more of a fuss about it than we should? You'll get all kinds of answers about protein. Depending on who you ask, you will get a different opinion. Some of us think it's hard to get enough protein from plant-based foods, so we turn to vegan protein supplements to get the extra boost we are looking for. Each of us has a different body and different needs - but I believe if you eat a sensible, whole food diet, you should be getting enough protein. When it comes to smoothies, we like to throw in all sorts of things and use them as an excuse to stock up on everything we think we are lacking. I think there's a danger in just throwing all sorts of powders into our smoothie, because sometimes we forget what we have in there and may not make the connexion between our well-being and the "healthy" smoothie we are drinking.


Did you know that most vegan protein powders contain a lot of sugar and toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health? Now, the number one problem... By far the biggest complaint we hear from people on a vegan diet is that the food is boring and that it's hard to get enough protein from plant-based foods alone. Often people learn the basic principles, experience results... But then they get stuck eating the same bland meals over and over. Today, this problem is completely solved thanks to a popular book I have been benefiting from for some time. It will help you get all the protein you need in an all natural form.


The book is currently on sale for $20 off the usual price tag. It's called "Vegan Protein Smoothie" by James West. This is hands down the best, healthiest, safest and most satisfying vegan smoothie recipe book I have found to help you achieve optimal health, lose weight or build muscle and feel better every day. The plan is simple. You'll learn how to make chemical-free, high-protein smoothies using a combination of protein-rich whole food ingredients with or without adding protein powder. Here is how You'll learn which liquids are best, how to add healthy fats, fruits, veggies and nuts and seeds, legumes and more. The best part about Vegan Protein Smoothie is that the recipes are so easy to prepare, you'll be making delicious vegan protein smoothies like a pro in as little as a week. So whether you want to lose 10 lbs or 70 pounds, pack on muscle, or just improve your overall health, you'll get there with Vegan Protein Smoothie.


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