How to Start Over in Life When You Feel Stuck.



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Each day is a new chapter for anyone. Are you feeling stuck in your life? Do you want to start over and make some changes? Do you feel like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, where you relive the same day over and over again? Starting over can be scary, but you deserve the life you want. Here are some techniques that will help you reconsider your life and start fresh and move forward.

Accept the past. You can't start over in your life if you're still holding onto the past. Whether be a relationship, job, family or other situation, you need to accept what has happened.

  • Acceptance doesn't necessarily mean forgiveness or understanding. It just means that you have realized something has happened, you acknowledged it, and you are ready to move on from it.
  • Remember that pain and suffering aren't the same thing. You will feel pain and hurt when you're life isn't going in the direction you want, but you don't have to suffer. Suffering is a choice. Nothing last forever, including pain. So, acknowledge it, experience it, and move on from it. Don't center your life around the hurt and the failures; get out of that story and avoid the drama (e.g., "I will never find love again" or "I will never be able to get another job"


Remember that things happen for a reason. This is not to say that you are powerless and that things are just "fated" to be a certain way. Rather, nothing has meaning besides the meaning you assign to it. It's up to you to make every event, incident, and moment in your life empowering or disempowering.


  • The lessons you are to learn won't be obvious; you instead have to discover what your life is telling you. For example, what if you are asked to step down from a position in your career because your ideas for the business are too big or you are taking things in a different direction than what management envisions for the company? Instead of reading this as a failure on your part, think of it as confirmation that you and your boss have fundamentally different visions and that perhaps it's time to part ways so you can realize your vision elsewhere

Take stock of your failures and successes. You can't "quit life", so instead of getting down when things aren't work out as planned, ask yourself, "What is or was working in my situation or circumstance?"

  • Write it all down. Keep notes to yourself about your successes, even the small ones. Write every night about something that went well that day. Focusing on the positive helps attract more of it!
  • Then think about how can promoting what is or was working for you even more. For example, maybe you realize that in you were great at talking with customers but that the location wasn't right for your business and that you need to change venues to an area with more foot traffic. Think about what works or worked for you and how you could improve on that even further

Don't announce that you are starting over. Just do it. You don't need to validate your choices to make a change in your life. You don't need to tell other people or ask them what they think you should do; often when we feel insecure, we consult others so that we feel better about our plan or to prepare them for the transformation. But your life is your life. Move on and people will grow with you. Those that don't perhaps aren't meant to be in your life in the first place.

  • Your next steps in life aren't about anyone else but you. Ignore what everyone else says. A lot of their resistance will be about them and not you because it makes them question their own lives. Remember that only you need to feel comfortable with your choices and decisions.
It's never too late to build the life you want...on your own terms.

You’ve woken up.

You’re ready to change directions and live a life that’s all yours…on your own terms.

It’s OK to start over — it’s a natural part of evolving into a smarter, better and stronger version of yourself, and no one should ever make you feel bad for wanting (and needing) to.

At your lowest point, you may think that your life is ruined and there’s no way out.

But listen to me: It WILL pass. There’s always a way forward. You just have to look for it. You can let the circumstances you’re in ruin you, or you can allow it to improve you.

It’s time to begin again.

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