Getting A Divorce?: How To Survive A Divorce

Getting A Divorce?

Take Control.  Don't Be Afraid To Find Out How To Survive A Divorce
because  if there is a narcissist in the picture complexity escalates.

(This divorce and this book is dedicated to my ex and his tax returns, his amended tax returns, the hidden invoices, the invisible invoices, the double set of books and the triple set and hiding it all until one day, he said, 'I owe you a lot of money' and walked off with it all.   Also dedicated to his Palo Alto attorney Jeffrey Kaufman who helped him hide it and told the pro tem, "Fraud is no big deal and we're going to blame it on Ann."

 But thanks to Judge Kathleen Lucero who didn't believe either one of them, sanctioned them $10K for obstructionism and delay and ruled in my favor.  And to the CA 6th Dist Court of Appeals where, when they appealed,  told them, "go away, you harmed her, what do you think you have to complain about?"  And to PTH, who stayed with me, on a $1000 retainer for 2 years.  And to MC, an attorney who believed in me, believed mothers should not be hit over the head with a 2x4 and offered to loan me money.  I honor the ethics, compassion and intellect of people like yourselves.)

“Narcissistic Abuse in the Picture?
  You Need Answers!"

Are you getting out of a bad marriage with a narcissist, sociopath,  abuser or control freak?  If so, I know you've had enough and you're ready to get a divorce.

... discover the hidden dangers of divorce that can DESTROY your life...

...Here's what everyone needs to know about divorce, but probably doesn't.  Before you file for your divorce  - or even if you already have - STOP right now.

Listen to this free audio call on How Not To Pick A Divorce Attorney

 and if you need more, this book is foundational - based on real life experience in a Silicon Valley divorce that ended with the author writing her own winning brief in the Court of Appeals. Narcissists take you far, but you can win. This is the story. Write your own ending to yours.

From: Ann Bradley

RE: Your Divorce


A narcissist has a need to destroy to feel better. Many threaten: "I will grind you into the ground until you are gone."  The narcissist cannot understand there is anything abnormal and evil in his actions.  The narcissist is aware only of his universe and his sense of entitlement overrides any pain he inflicts. Stealing doesn't matter as long as he doesn't get caught.  When caught, he does not apologize. Only by blaming and belittling can he feel good.  My divorce, the lawyers and the legal system are chronicled in DIVORCE: The Real Truth, The Hidden Dangers, Surviving Deception, Betrayal and Narcissism

But what you have ahead of you is a long difficult road, that no one - male or female - is ever prepared for.




Because divorce is one of those things that most people assume they know how it works  - and what you should do  if you are in the middle of one.

But divorce is a secret club with many things you never heard about. And divorce lawyers have secrets they don't want you to find out about.

Naivete in divorce is dangerous.  If you have a deceitful and uncooperative spouse, you need information, a roadmap and a plan. Otherwise you lose custody, money, and everything you've spent a lifetime building.

 Divorce attorneys use unethical and just plain wrong tactics to try to “win” the divorce. They throw out accusations and lies to defraud the court so they can get a win.


These are the types of people you're going to have to deal with in your divorce, and if you're not prepared you're going to be in for a terrible ride.


Trust me, I've been through a horrific and downright awful experienceof my life in the form of divorce, and you need to listen to every word I'm about to say, here is...


How I Survived One Of The Most
Difficult Ordeals Of My Life...A
Divorce From A Narcissistic Husband And His Unethical Attorney


Divorce is always difficult for everyone involved, and its especially hard on the children if there are any.


If marriage is about love, divorce is about money, power, control, and the manipulation of an unethical legal system.



Divorce is a huge industry. This book explores the culture of divorce in a dysfunctional legal system and what this means to you. Divorcing a narcissist makes every problem worse.
Although my husband had told me hid assets and I had the evidence, we ended up at trial. His lawyer was a typical "scorched earth policy" divorce attorney.  Dirty tactics in divorce? You bet.


For most people divorce is one of the only times they've probably ever had to stand up for themselves in life, and many are unprepared. But many men fall into that category too. Divorce is for the lawyers...everyone pays.


I was no different.


My ex-husband was probably one of the most difficult people to deal with in divorce, period. This man was a complete narcissist and helped by a greedy attorney.

Many women from this generation are socialized to be "nice". Part of this socialization process means that you trust what people tell you, look out for others before yourself, and give when asked.

Are you vulnerable to lies? Do you know what tactics lawyers use? Do you know what the "mommy tax" is? Is your divorce high conflict or stalking through the legal system? Why do narcissists keep on fighting? 

Why did a Professor of Psychology write a book called 'Whores of The Court' and what does this have to do with your divorce?

I was ripe for attack in the divorce process. Put this together with a narcissist and his narcissistic lawyer and the war was on.  I survived by wearing a metaphorical badge called "Target". I wore this to remind myself I really was targeted and not insane.

He made my life a complete living hell for over four years as we went through a complicated mess of a divorce, most of it spurred on by his lawyer.


I nearly lost everything, including my financial well-being, my health, and my love of life.


I was sick, my son got sick too, and we were both victims of a sick and dysfunctional system where corruption, greed, and money override everything.


From hiding large amounts of income, to withholding child support payments, to trying to “starve me out” so he and his attorney could get us to settle, my ex-husband did everything he could to make the divorce a nightmare. He even took me to the Court of Appeals.


Why am I telling you all of this?  Because I want you to know that I've been where you're about to go.


I've traveled the same road, and trust me its full of turmoil, conflict, lies, deception, and even worse. I just don't want you to have to suffer the same way that I did.


If you know the man you're about to divorce is going to make it tough, then you need to listen.


Because, I 've taken my terrible experience of divorce and turned it into a case study that will help you avoid the common pitfalls that will turn a peaceful split into a living hell.


After spending four years battling a corrupt lawyer hell bent on winning in a trial and an uncooperative husband who cared about no one but himself...I've created a resource for ANY ONE about to go through a divorce. Or in the middle of one. (It's never too late. NEVER!)

Info, help, peace of mind: $19.95


The Real Truths And Hidden Dangers
Surviving Deception, Betrayal, and Narcissism




Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to divorce. This is about to be one of the most important events to ever take place in your life and you want to be prepared for it.


Information is power...having the right strategy and knowing what to expect can and will make your divorce go smoother and help you avoid some of the more hellish aspects of a difficult divorce.

In my book, “Divorce: The Real Truths And Hidden Dangers”, I not only reveal details of my horrible divorce, but I also give you real life tactics, tips, and techinques that you can use in your own divorce to be able to save yourself lots of heartache, headache, money, time, and most importantly, your sanity.

This Is The Book That Your Soon
To Be Ex-Spouse And  Lawyers
Don't Want You To See!

Let me be more specific. Here's a list of some of things you'll discover once you get your hands on this book:

bulletpoint Why you should never announce your intentions for divorce, and what could happen if you did
bulletpoint Why your divorce from a narcissistic spouse is really a war, and why you should never think that your spouse is going to be reasonable
bulletpoint The shocking truth about your attorney exposed
bulletpoint Why you should never believe a word an attorney says on the first consultation
bulletpoint If your spouse is abusive here is the one thing you absolutely must have if you want to be able to get out safely
bulletpoint The one thing you must have before you make any allegations during the divorce, and how to get it
bulletpoint The male and female differences that matter in divorce and why you NEED to know them if you want to even stand a chance of winning
bulletpoint The reason why, you as a spouse of a narcissist, is often disbelieved and thought to be lying, and what you can do about it
bulletpoint What the lawyers in your divorce case know that you may not
bulletpoint How even a conflict free divorce can become a battleground
bulletpoint Why you MUST know the role of the attorneys in your divorce, they are NOT just a professional resource with no hidden agenda!
bulletpoint The way divorce REALLY IS exposed and revealed
bulletpoint Why hiring an attorney should NEVER be the first thing you do when getting a divorce, and what to do instead
bulletpoint Why you should never EVER share an attorney with your narsassictic spouse
bulletpoint How to use the dysfunctional legal system to your advantage and find case laws that will keep your husband and his attorney from harming you
bulletpoint The only reason why your husband's attorney would order him not to talk revealed
bulletpoint What to do if your spouse is refusing to work with you
bulletpoint The shocking truth about emotion in family court, and why your motherly instincts may actually do more harm in your case than good
bulletpoint What to say to your children about the behavior of the other parent during the course of the divorce
bulletpoint How one mistake from an attorney can spiral into a case so bleak and complex that you won't be able to pay for anyone else to represent you
bulletpoint The ugly side of the financial battle of divorce unveiled
bulletpoint If you think you're going to have a custody battle, here's is the one thing YOU MUST do before you divorce even begins are you could lose your children!
bulletpoint How to get the divorce you want on the terms you want
bulletpoint How optimism in the midst of a stressful divorce from your spouse can keep you sane and grounded during one of the most taxing times of your life
bulletpoint Why the real job your lawyer is trying to do is probably not what you hired him to do
bulletpoint Whether or not you should mediate or litigate in your divorce, and how to choose which one to do
bulletpoint Why nothing impacts the outcome of your divorce more than the attorney's themselves
bulletpoint How to choose the right attorney for your case
bulletpoint Why a “fighter” attorney is really the worse person to hire for your case, and how he can quite literally make your life a living hell
bulletpoint What you can do if your soon to be ex-husband is trying to starve you into a settlement
bulletpoint Why you MUST always maintain control in your divorce, if you give up control to your attorney be prepared for a nightmare!
bulletpoint The reason why financial planning must be done before and during the divorce proceedings, and NEVER after them
bulletpoint The astonishing truth about family law judges and corruption in the court-room exposed
bulletpoint A guide on what to expect if your divorce does go to trial so you can be prepared and not get taken by surprise

And much more!


 This is a powerful fact-filled resource on divorce. And don't worry, I'm not going to charge you an arm and a leg for this information.


I need to get this into your hands as quickly as possible so you can avoid all of the pain and frustration that comes along with going through a difficult divorce.

To learn how to navigate the pathways of a bad divorce, you need:

  “Divorce: The Real Truths
And Hidden Dangers
” For  Just $19.95!

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My book is digitally delivered directly to you over the internet. There is no need to wait for anything to ship. You gain instant access to the materials just as soon as you complete the checkout. That means you can start discovering everything you need to know right now, even if its 3:00 AM.

  "Thanks for publishing this..."

Prepare for the lies. Have an answer. Be bold. You may have the truth on your side, but your spouse has no empathy and will destroy you with lies. Find a way to get the truth out that will show the lies up. There is always a lie you can build on. Take his lie and show how it leads to another and another.


I think its plain to see that my book can help you get all of the information you need to tip the scales in your favor in your divorce. And at only 77 pages it can be read in one short sitting. This isn't a text-book.


As I share my own story with you, you'll be empowered with all of the information you need to be able to get out of this terrible situation in your life.


Don't Go Crazy


How much is your sanity worth?  What about your health?  What about your children if you have them? Don't  sacrifice their well-being during a lengthy and hellish divorce?


This is a one time payment of only $19.95  - I wish I knew what I have in this book for you - I mean that. I was so naive and so many are - I know they come to me for consultations when it is very late in the game.

  "The Information In This Book Is So Valuable..."

Come behind the scenes of a divorce and watch a dysfunctional legal system at its worst. Then, see what alternatives exist and how to find out what is right for you.


Order today and really learn the truth behind divorce so you won't be taken for surprise.


If you don't know what you're doing you could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees. You could get cheated out of thousands of dollars owed you for staying married to that narcissist for so long.


Narcissists can be so destructive to a peaceful life. Be prepared.



Your life could become a nightmare,. I know, because for several years mine was. But I interviewed lawyers, friends of the judge and got inside the legal system to give you the advantage I didn't have. And by the way - I won my case. At trial and on appeal.

"This is a must have..."



So avoid all of that now. You don't have to go down that road if you don't want to. Here is your opportunity to get the tools you need to successfully divorce your spouse and get everything you deserve.


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And I'm so confident that the techniques and strategies that I reveal in my book are going to work for you, I'm going to remove every single bit of risk from this transaction.


Your order today is completely covered by...

My 100% Risk Free Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee

Look, I'm completely confident that “Divorce: Real Truths And Hidden Dangers” is the resource you need to get what YOU deserve out of your divorce, and still be able to avoid the pitfalls that can make it a nightmare.

In fact, I'm so confident that it will work for you, that I'm prepared to let you try it risk free for an entire 30 days.

That way, you get peace of mind, and I do too.

You see, I don't have to worry that you're unhappy with your purchase at all, because if you decide that “Divorce: Real Truths And Hidden Dangers” is not for you, then you can get a full refund at any time during the next 30 days.

Read the book, and put some of my tactics, tips, and techniques to work in your divorce. And if you don't get the results you're looking for, just contact me right away.

And I'll refund every dime of your money. No questions asked.

I want to make it clear to you that this is a completely no-risk purchase.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose
And Only The Information You
Need To Have The Divorce Go Your
Way To Gain!


Get your hands on this information right now and get the power you need to take control of your divorce.

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Remember, these are not theoretical divorce tips that were pulled out of some book somewhere. I've been through the ringer with divorce, and now you don't have to.


Whatever your decision is, I wish you best of luck in whatever you do in life.


-Ann Bradley


You don't have to go through the pain and frustration of a hellish divorce. Now is your chance to get the information you need to avoid the sandtraps and pitfalls that are out there waiting for you. The only thing standing between you and a successful split from your spouse is action, so take  action and get your hands on my book now!



And remember, even if you're not sure that this book is going to work for you, you don't have to decide right now. Order it right now, and try it out for a full 30 days before making your decision.

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