Fight Addiction From Home - Use The Sobriety Success Method Today...

Raise your hand if you want to FINALLY get sober for real.


Here’s the thing though…




You’re addictions are impacting your daily life including your work, social or physical wellbeing. You’ve thought about going to traditional rehab or seeing a counsellor one on one.


You might have even gone to a couple of 12-step meetings or group sessions in your local community.


I’d also guess you have some hypnosis tapes laying around too!


And YES, you’ve taken some action and tried really hard on your own. You’ve tried some of the strategies from the countless books you’ve bought too…


But somehow you’re still just as addicted as before.


How do I know this?


You're not alone. I've worked with thousands of people in recovery... 

People Just Like YOU!


I’ve worked in countless mental health environments and discovered something deeply disturbing. The industry doesn’t want you to know that you can get help without them…

My name is Denise and I got my START with addiction and counselling 10 years ago right as the internet started to gain massive popularity.


Here I was working in mental health and rehab facilities who were still using pen, paper and no computers in sight!



The BIO Principle


The BIO principle can be thought of as the biological principle.


When you are working on sobriety you have to work on the entire biological part of your life. Addiction affects all aspects of your physical health.


Psychological help


You have to take care of your mental health during recovery.


Mental health is a critical part of recovery – not just taking care of the addiction but your whole brain too.


Social support


Social support is crucial.


Relationships take a toll when addiction is present and teaching how to embrace social support systems is paramount to your success. 

By using the Success Method, students were experiencing incredible results and I realised it was time to kick it into overdrive.


People love the ability to work on their sobriety from home and have built up their overall wellbeing at the same time.


How Can I Get Sober From Home?

Step 1: Join Sobriety Success





Most people are struggling because they’re dealing with something right in that moment.


In fact, most people want to ask a quick question, look something up or feel supported in that exact moment and there’s NO ONE there to reach out to…


So I decided to create a community of PEOPLE DEDICATED TO SOBRIETY…
The ones who are SERIOUS about their sobriety, health and recovery from home.
If that’s not you, I want to thank you for your time but please close this page out.




If you’re ready and dedicated to make this your BREAKTHROUGH YEAR for recovery…
This is what you need to succeed:

3 Crucial Elements To Help You Succeed - Today

#1. Addiction and Recovery Courses


Courses  built to support your recovery from home.


Work at your own pace:

  • 22 courses (+ more coming soon!)
  • 120+ lectures with 8+ hours of live video!
  • Printable certificates of completion

#2. Monthly Mastermind


Each month we're diving into specific addiction and recovery topics to help you accelerate your recovery proccess.


Miss a session? All previous sessions will be available to members so you can catchup on anything you've missed!


#3. Ask Live Rehab


Got a question about recovery? Want to know more about a topic to do with addiction? Just ask.


Our unique platform allows you to ask questions anytime you want - and get the answers you need.



When I founded Live Rehab almost 7 years ago I made it my mission to enable people to earn their sobriety from home.


And, so far, people are loving it!


Now, with Sobriety Success, I'm introducing the boldest community for addiction and recovery I can think of.  


I want Sobriety Success to be the best option for anyone that needs help - but you have to be serious and committed.


I only want serious and committed people to join because this is a community designed for massive impact. Because of this I've also included...


Bonuses Available For Founding Members


When you join Sobriety Success you'll also get instant access to the following high value bonuses:

Bonus #1:



Join an exclusive, secret Facebook group to get early updates, insider information and a sneak peak into what we're working on next. Plus, we have a little fun too!

Bonus #2:



Over the years we've written tons of eBooks, workbooks, guides and checklists. We've compiled them all here for you in a special private library. You'll also get access to any new material we create as well. How awesome is that?

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